Other Birds

These are the images I couldn’t really fit into a specific portfolio. This is usually because I have only one image of the species; perhaps I only had the opportunity to take a single shot. It might also be because the image contains mixed, or unknown species.

From the above images:

  • Black-headed Gulls squabbling at Pennington Flash: a favourite of my late father’s.
  • Collared Dove in my garden: I love how the eye stands out so brightly in this image.
  • Song Thrush at Pennington Flash: a very common bird in my teenage years, but I see very few of them now. Amber Listed, they’re made a bit of a recovery lately.
  • Water Rail at Pennington Flash: a notoriously shy and difficult-to-capture bird, he suddenly appeared on the ground under the feeders at the Bunting Hide. I took a single image before he scurried away.
  • Wigeon at Houghton Green Flash: no, I haven’t gone mad! This was an attempt to capture this group of Wigeon as they were leaving the Flash. Not what I intended, but I like it – it reflects speed and frantic movement.
  • Winchat at North Walney Nature Reserve: another example of my birdscape images. It’s as close as I’ve been to a Winchat, but I think it says something about the bird’s habitat.

From the above images:

  • Lesser Redpoll on the Great Orme: this was the one and only time I’ve seen this bird, let alone photographed it. You have to be out and about to get lucky.
  • Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at Moore Nature Reserve: I heard him before I saw him, in the trees above my head at the feeding station. My one and only shot.
  • Swallow at South Walney Nature Reserve: sat in a hide eating my lunch when he flew to the guard rail just outside my window. I only had time for this one shot.

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